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Summary of Orwells' Animal Farm In the beginning of Orewell's novel the animals rebel against the 'ManorFarm' they take it over, and drive the humans off of the farm. In doing thisthe animals gained absolute power. They made their own laws, they elected a'president' and they ran the farm on their own. When the animals took over thefarm they named it 'Animal Farm'. Napoleon took over as president of the farmand decided what needed to be done and when it needed to be done.

But after awhile Napoleon took things out of context. He began to abuse his power to fithis own needs, he changed the Seven Commandments so he could do what he wantedand when he did this and the other animals noticed Napoleon called it'explaining what they are'. He abolished 'The Beasts of England', the song thatgave all of the animals faith that someday all animals would overtake man. Thenhe began to trade with the humans, their most hated enemy's. Finally, at theend Napoleon changes the farm's name once more from 'Animal Farm' to 'ManorFarm' and he also changed their slogan from 'Four legs good, two legs bad!' to'Four legs good, Two legs better!' The animals began to walk on two legs and thegoal that Old Major was talking about in the beginning (that all animals wouldsoon overtake all man and man would serve animals) was soon to be no more

Sothis proves without doubt that Lord Action was right (in this book) when he said'Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.'.

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